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Kicad "Encyclopedia"

Items flagged "Skills entry" take you to a note about how to do something.

Many of the links take you to definitions of things, clarifying… I hope… how the terms are used in KiCad and here at

When using KiCad, precise usage of certain terms is essential. In particular, watch out for the way "component" is used, if you come across it. (It is being replaced, hurrah, by the less ambiguous term "schematic symbol".) The developers of KiCad have consistently used "component" in one narrow sense… which is excellent. I wish my use of language were as disciplined. However, you must read carefully to profit from the fact that they write carefully!

These words and phrases often arise in everyday conversation. Most have many meanings. I've tried to use them on this site only as they are used in KiCad, hoping to reduce ambiguity. If you see the apparently superfluous "As used here" in the list below, ambiguity issues may be particularly acute for that word or phrase.

(Note to self: See co1netlist for conventions)

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