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Why you should use CircuitBee.com to share your circuit diagrams online

I wish I'd known about CircuitBee.com sooner! You can be sure that I will be using it soon for some of the bigger images which are part of KiCadHowTo.org!

CircuitBee gives you an excellent answer to "How can I share circuit diagrams with the online community, in high resolution, without the hassle and shortcomings of the alternative answers?" To quote from their site… next three paragraphs…

"CircuitBee takes your schematic project files, converts them into its own internal format and then provides you with an embeddable version of the circuit, similar to Google Maps but for electronics schematics.

"You can pan, zoom, go fullscreen, mouse over components to see what they are and we have plans for lots more features yet.

"Currently we only support KiCad schematics since we couldn't find good documentation on the file formats used by other software."

Aren't you glad you use KiCad?

Notice that bit about why KiCad is what gets supported by CircuitBee? Well documented, elegant, not obfuscated data files! This is what you get with open source products. Ever tried to figure out what was going on inside a file created by a Microsoft application?….. <^_^>

What about PCB artwork?

CircuitBee doesn't yet offer the same service for sharing PCB artwork… but they are working on adding that service!

Here's a little sample….

Drag the image around, use the slider to zoom in, zoom out. Try the full screen mode. (Full screen opens a new tab or window. Just close it when you are done.) Is this cool or what?

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