fq1wt- Why the weird thing (General)

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The weird thing at the start of the page

Every KiCadHowTo page starts with a "weird thing" at the top of the page, followed by a hyphen, followed by the page title. In the case of this page, I am referring to the "fq1wt".


The reason I have put the "weird thing" there is that many people use multiple tabs when browsing pages on the internet. In Firefox, at least, the tab for this page will have "fq1wt- Why the weird thing…" on it. However, alas, most of that will be chopped off leaving just the first part… our beloved(?) "weird thing!"

Just a little reflection on your part should be enough to begin to see the method in the madness of my "weird thing" text selection.

Answers to FAQs all begin with "fq" followed by a digit.

Pages trying to succinctly convey some concept, begin with "co" followed by a digit. (Those pages are also used for definitions of terms.)

Tutorials explaining skills often (not always) use "sk" followed by a digit. A group of pages, e.g. the group explaining the skill of working with devices with multiple gates, for instance a quad nand may have something in common after the "skdigit". In the case of the gates essays, the "weird thing" always starts "sk1qn1".

So! The idea of the "weird thing" is….

To help you know which of your browser tabs holds the page with what information.

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