sk1zoompan- Skill: Zooming and Panning

This is the "skills" page about zooming and panning. Admittedly, it is very weak so far. There is also an brief, "definition", page about zooming and panning.

Zooming and panning seemed a bit odd to me, at first… but since mastering the "KiCad way", I find myself missing it in other applications.

It is very, very simple!

Zoom in and out by rolling the mouse wheel.

The "trick", which may take a bit of getting used to, is that when you zoom in, the page is also immediately panned, so that wherever the mouse pointer was when you zoomed in, that is now the center of the page. It is worth getting used to it!

This is definitely one of those things that is very easy to use, when you master the knack…. but not especially easy to "explain"!

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