z1edithistory- History of Edits

This page is for the author of KiCadHowTo.

There are no "secrets" here… you are welcome to make what you can of it… but I am not writing it for you to understand.

It is to help me notice bits that haven't been reviewed for a time.

Much of site created 2011

Edit codes: 171- Overhauled Jan17, including changing "component" to "schematic symbol", and work to clarify where they are stored, introduce .pretty folders. KiCad version: 4.0.4

** Edits to pages reachable from the tabs at top of every page:

("Home HAD small table of "Skills" pages, which were moved to tutmenu as flagged entries 1/17.)

  • "Tutorial": links to tutmenu, new 171. THAT needs to be kept in step with sidebar. See below for history of the pages of the tuts. 171
  • "Encyc": Lots of time spent on this and ALL pages listed at it, 171.
  • "FAQ ANswers" (http://kicadhowto.org/faqtoc.htm) ***NOT reworked 171… both the page, and the pages it leads to NEEDS the reworking done to other pages, esp deprecation of "component"
  • "Search KiCad HowTo" Checked, 171… little seemed wrong.

** From TutMenu…

  • se1 given overhaul 171… every page. Major resequencing, to put CvPcb before Annotation, done. Big Pain!
  • mcf1main has had a lot of "tinkering" relating to the 4-0-4 changes. All mcf1xx pages have had an overhaul. Minor tidies may still be needed, not more. Bits may be useful fodder for pages I want to KEEP, going forward. Eventually these pages should be deleted.

tssmf/ tssstart1 (Tut, Schematic Symbol- Make nw .lib/ start new schematic symbol): Created feb 2nd, 2017. Has the "features" of the 171 edit.

tfmf/ tfs1 (Tut- Footprint- Make Folder/ start new footprint): Created feb 2nd, 2017. Has the "features" of the 171 edit.

(Now need pages for EDITING schematic symbols, footprint. Not so much the "how to" as what you need to do in their properties.)

  • "Optional second" made, late Jan 17, out of old se1
  • Power ports not touched 1/17… needs a review.
  • Multi-gate devices not touched 1/17… needs a review.
  • (All the tuts there were at 1/17 in this list, I hope, I think.

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