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Notes to myself….

Ha! You couldn't resist, could you? What part of "notes to myself", under "For Admins" sounds like this is for you? Never mind. Just don't expect to find anything useful or meaningful- to- you here!

I suspect that a "Notes to myself" link is like a "Wet paint" sign… people just have to try it!!! (If I had time and patience, I would put a sign saying "Dry paint" on a wall, and watch to see how many people run their finger over it!)

Anyway, sorry, but there are no "secrets" here, but I doubt you'll profit from this page, and I haven't edited it to be reader friendly.

Also here, was at bottom: site tracking tool, experiment notes, general wikidot notes…





See EditHistory page for record of what pages have had what updates.


A FAQ on rotating transistor footprints just how I like them

need co1rail to define "power rail", and explain that it generally includes ground lines. Discuss things like opto isolated circuits, and how to ensure that power pins get connected to netlist/footprint

do a "drawing line with via" note… faq done.. fq1uv… but need to SAY WHAT A VIA IS!! (somewhere! Encyc?)

Start "random little bits" list… include….

"Use text on "back"… put PCB's name into the copper. Version id… considerations…

Revise any remaining references to "give it 'some' footprint" in CVpcb in respect of things to be given not- yet- created footprints… you can leave CVpcb with some components still footprint-less.

"Start page" and "Edit side panel" HAD buttons in side panel. I COMMENTED them out, so that readers would not be frustrated by their presence.

Start a new page: Make link to it first, via page name, then try to access the page.
Caps filtered out of page name
DEFAULT title on page is page name, but can be edited.

Alternatively… and this is the WikiDot thing which was commented out…

Edit side panel:
Use kicadhowto.wikidot.com/nav:side, then click "edit" to edit THAT.

Alternatively… Tried various things…

[/side/edit/true Edit the Side Panel]

Eventually I gave up, and TRIED to put a button on the sidebar, but in a less tempting location… but that didn't work, either. Sigh.

(Wiki's operation): Using two gt signs at start of a line will make the paragraph a comment.

Site tracking experiments….

Put xtrak into nav:side quite early.. before 30 Oct… and took out again, bef 7Nov… wikidot kept spawning "new" xtreme "pages"

Put statcounter into nav:side about 10am 30 Oct.. took it out again later.. bef 8 Nov 11

Both xtrak and statcounter reports were hard to interpret, if you wnat to know what page loaded…. added, around 10:40…

xtrak on co1pcb from 28Oct11, taken off 7 nov 11.
stacounter on "main part" of co1trac.. by 7nov11: On many, incl co1pcb

Wikidot general notes:

(Site tracking tool, experiment notes, general wikidot notes…)

Meta tags….

Use Options / Edit Meta (bottom of each page.

Putting a tag on "all" pages does just that. Editing it edits it for ALL pages… EXCEPT any page that has had a "for this page" tag applied. Those tags "trump" any "all pages" requests, and PERSIST after change to tag for all (pages- without- their- own- tag) pages.


You can see what tags a page has just by going into Edit Meta.

Very nice! Thank you Wikidot! Again!

Copied from….

In Wikidot, you can force a html <br /> (a line break) using a space followed by an underscore at the end of a line.

For example,

  • test test test
  • test 2

This works! Although at first I didn't think so….

A {space}_ at the end of a block which will be followed by a break anyway doesn't create an extra one.


… at the end of a line results in a line ending with two underscores separated by spaces, only the terminal ONE is notice.


You CAN have….


… even if there is nothing else on each of those lines, and THEN you WILL get multiple html breaks!!! <^_^>

List all pages in site, machine readable form?
Use "Manage site | Backup". Tick "include source". Download the resulting zip. It will have a .txt file for each page, named as the page is named.

At 08 Nov 2011, 12:57, I did this, created ooCalc sheet stored in pcSia …tut drafts/kicad

THIS MAKES NO SENSE!… what was I trying to record??
It seems that (see source)… device isn't satisfactory. Not "seen" in backlinks list, for instance. Use instead: device

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